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If you live in the UAE, you may be wondering how to buy Cytotec pills in Dubai. The good news is that these pills are remarkably viable. In fact, you may even be able to get them from a pharmacy right in your own city. Here are the basic facts that you need to know about Cytotec pills. You can also buy them online. In fact, many pharmacies in the UAE offer them.

In the UAE, you can find a wide range of contraceptive pills. You can buy mifepristone, monopost, and norethisterone, among others. If you are considering an abortion, you will also find that cytotec pills are readily available in the UAE. You can also buy Norethisterone, Gynaecosid, and Monopost. However, if you choose to buy Cytotec in Dubai, you may need to consult a doctor first.

The use of Cytotec pills is a safe method of abortion. It is safe and effective and can be used by women of any age. Women who choose this method must follow the doctor’s instructions, and the right pills should be taken. Specifically, women who are a few weeks pregnant should get a pill called Mifepristone 200mcg. This will end the pregnancy. The doctor will then prescribe five Cytotec pills to the woman. However, it is important to remember that the dosage of the pill will depend on your weight and the type of pregnancy you are having. Women who weigh more than 70 kg may need more than five pills.

Medical abortion in the UAE can be dangerous. Not only can you lose your fertility, but you could also suffer mental complications such as anxiety, depression, and psychological problems. Abortion in the UAE is punishable under UAE Penal Code Section 340. The offender could face up to five years in jail for their crimes. A safe way to have an abortion is to visit a doctor and undergo a medical procedure. It’s legal and confidential.