Why abortion is considered legal?

Limitations imposed by law that determine when a pregnancy can be terminated. Abortion Pills Available in UAE.

Any particular country’s abortion regulations could fall anywhere on a scale from least restrictive to most restrictive.

There are no limits on the circumstances under which an abortion can be performed.

  1. Abortion is legal if it is deemed medically necessary due to a woman’s socioeconomic status (rules allowing this take into account a woman’s econ¬≠omic resources, age, marital status, and number of living children).
  • A woman has the right to an abortion if she fears for her life or her mental health (the term “mental health” can be interpreted differently depending on the country; for example, it may include the psychological distress a woman experiences after being the victim of sexual assault or the extreme stress brought on by her economic situation).
  • When a woman’s life or health is in danger, an abortion may be legalized to prevent further harm (in some jurisdictions, the legislation may allow abortions for health reasons only if the woman is facing a “severe or permanent” health threat).
  • Either abortion is completely illegal or it is legal only if it is necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman. Abortion Pills Available in UAE.

Need for Information:

Regulations in their current form.

This Information Comes From:Legal, and medical statutes, as well as the findings of international groups that track abortion legality.


This indicator is meant to gauge whether or not a country provides adequate medical care for women before, during, and after an abortion. Abortion Pills Available in UAE.


One of the many factors that determines whether or not a person can receive care is the country’s abortion legislation. Besides the law itself, other elements, such as the implementation of certain policies, may be more important (s). (Consider the indicator, Abortion policy). Additionally, while the majority of countries permit abortion for at least one reason, induced abortion services may be unavailable. Abortion Pills Available in UAE.


Policy, treatment after an abortion.

Impact on Women:

About 47,000 women a year lose their lives as a result of the nearly 20 million unsafe abortions that are performed each year (Ipas, 2011). Most abortion-related deaths occur in countries where the procedure is either outlawed or where its legality is ambiguous enough (like India) that women feel compelled to seek out hazardous abortions. Reducing maternal mortality has been asked for in the action plans of a large number of international conferences and conventions, Abortion Pills Available in UAE. as it has been recognized as a pressing gender equity and human rights issue. The toll of unsafe abortions must be taken into account if maternal mortality is to be reduced. High-quality post-abortion care, including access to family planning counseling and procedures, is essential in countries where abortion is outlawed.


Millions of women in the United States have had abortions since it is a safe and legal medical practice. There has been a wealth of scientific study about abortion treatment since the Institute of Medicine first assessed the health implications of national legalized abortion in 1975. This includes carefully conducted randomized clinical trials, systematic reviews, and epidemiological studies. Abortion Pills Available in UAE Much of this study has concerned itself with determining which abortion procedures are safest and which are most applicable to various clinical scenarios. A rising corpus of knowledge has led to the improvement and eventual abandonment of previous abortion methods and the development of new, more effective strategies.

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