Abortion Pills Available in UAE

Are abortion pills completely safe?

Abortion pills:

Most pharmaceutical abortions use mifepristone (RU-486) and misoprostol (Cytotec), administered under a doctor’s supervision. Abortion Pills Available in UAE, Misoprostol is used alone when patients can’t afford RU-486.

What are abortion pill risks?

Since the 1990s, the U.S. has safely employed medication abortion. Rarely, serious consequences occur. Examples:

  • The abortion drugs don’t end the pregnancy.
  • Your uterus retains some pregnancy tissue.
  • uterine clots
  • excessive bleeding
  • infection
  • medicine allergy

They’re rare. If they do occur, they’re straightforward to cure with medicine or other methods, Abortion Pills Available in UAE.

Rarely, problems can be life-threatening. If you have:

  • 24 hours after the second pill, no bleeding (misoprostol).
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding for 2 or more hours in a row.
  • Pass lemon-sized clots for 2 hours.
  • not relieved by pain medicines.

100.4 or greater fever 24 hours after taking misoprostol.

Have prolonged weakness, nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea after misoprostol.

The day after your abortion, you should feel better. Feeling nauseous for more than 24 hours after taking misoprostol (the second batch of pills) can be an indication of infection. Abortion Pills Available in UAE. Those symptoms require immediate medical attention. Abortion can rarely cause death, but it’s usually safe. Birth is riskier than most abortions, Abortion Pills Available in UAE.

If you suffer issues during a medication abortion, you may need to return. Doctor or nurse will review your alternatives if you’re still pregnant. To end the pregnancy, you may need further medicine or a clinic abortion.

The abortion pill isn’t for everyone. Certain medical conditions or drugs may make the abortion pill unsafe. Your doctor or nurse will discuss the abortion pill with you.

How do abortion pills work?

After deciding to have a medical abortion, the woman takes RU-486. This drug blocks pregnancy-maintaining progesterone. Misoprostol is administered 24 hours later. This medicine ends pregnancy by softening the cervix and contracting the uterus. If this is ineffective, a second dosage may be given. Misoprostol is delivered sublingually, buccally, or vaginally.

How about abortion pills?

Abortion drugs might cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach discomfort, pelvic cramping, and bleeding. Vomiting and diarrhea can cause dehydration and electrolyte loss. Abortion Pills Available in UAE, Oral or IV fluids and anti-nausea drugs can help. Medicated abortions can cause significant bleeding, requiring a blood transfusion or surgery. RU-486 may cause low blood pressure in women with adrenal issues or long-term steroids.


Medication abortion is normally effective, however some women may still have uterine tissue. This can cause significant bleeding and infection requiring medical treatment, Abortion Pills Available in UAE. Women who undergo medication abortion may have an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, which needs emergency treatment.

Long-term negative effects of abortion pill?

Safe, effective abortion medication. Millions of individuals have used it safely.

There’s no risk to future pregnancies or your health unless a rare and serious issue isn’t handled. Abortion doesn’t influence breast cancer risk or fertility. It doesn’t cause birth defects, early birth, low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or infant death. Abortion Pills Available in UAE.

Long-term emotional issues following an abortion are rare, like after childbirth. They are more likely to occur in persons who abandon a pregnancy for health reasons, Abortion Pills Available in UAE. don’t have support for their decision, or have a mental health background. Most abortion patients feel relieved.

Abortion myths abound. Your nurse or doctor can answer questions about abortion pill side effects, Abortion Pills Available in UAE.


Unsupervised abortion increases maternal morbidity and mortality. To stop this dangerous behaviour, strong laws are needed to monitor and prohibit over-the-counter abortion pill sales, Abortion Pills Available in UAE. and public access should be limited to MTP-approved institutions. Large-scale prospective studies are needed to estimate the problem’s scale.

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